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Wake Up Well: Brighten White Sheets Without Harsh Chemicals

It is arguable that there are few things more euphoric than clean sheets. Waking up in bright white sheets helps us start the day feeling peaceful and energized. That means we want to keep our white sheets bright white and heavenly soft for as long as possible. At Urban Mattress we take the oath to natural very seriously, and so we have developed a few favorite techniques to keeping our sheets just how we like them, without using bleach or harsh chemicals. The reason for this is that Bleach is not the most sustainable option for the environment, so we like to limit use wherever we can. Bleach is also not the most sustainable choice in terms of sheet lifespan. Over time, bleach tends to yellow sheets which is harder to cure then never having used bleach in the first place. Using alternative methods is a way to ensure we are doing our part to keep our homes and communities as fresh and clean as possible. The best part? You probably already have these ingredients all in your kitchen. Result!

How to:

Add ¼ cup baking soda to your detergent at the beginning of your rinse cycle. You can go easy on the detergent here and use a little less than you normally would. Then, halfway through your rinse cycle pour in ½ cup of white vinegar. Don’t worry about the smell, it will rinse out. Both of these products have brightening AND softening qualities; a powerful duo.

If you are lucky enough to have some sunshine, hang your sheets to dry in the sun. Sunlight is a natural brightener and will avoid creating yellow stains the dryer sometimes causes. This will also give your sheets a fresh air feel and smell which is hard to beat.

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Wake Up Well!