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Tempur-Pedic: Outstanding Comfort from an Outstanding Company

The secret is out, memory foam is changing the way the world sleeps. A major player in this market and one of our favorites at Urban Mattress is Tempur-Pedic; and not only because of the high-quality products, but because the core of the company is exemplary, from the quality of products all the way down to the cleanliness of their factory and environmental initiative.

Tempur-Pedic recognized that their Tempur-Foam Mattresses would soon catch on as a major relief to aches and pains globally, and in response to this created one of the most efficient and cleanest factories in the country. Below are the three top reasons we trust and love Tempur-Pedic products, and are honored to carry them in our showrooms.

1. Quality Control
Quality control is a fundamental value at Urban Mattress, so we only carry products from those who take it as seriously as we do. Through unparalleled research and development, Tempur-Pedic perfected the technology and ingredients of pressure relieving memory foam and patented the recipe. This means that there is no night sleep worldwide that matches the Tempur-Pedic sleep experience. After developing the Tempur-Pedic solution, the attention to detail has not decreased. Tempur-Pedic has a strict standard of quality, all products are made in the US, in their very own factory so that quality can be monitored. This allows for raw materials to be closely checked, as well as the accuracy of pouring parameters and consistency of curing, to be sure they are pure and will create the Tempur-Pedic standard sleeping environment.

2. Environmental Initiative
Another outstanding quality of the Tempur-Pedic team that we value is the commitment to keep their factories zero waste to landfill. Being a high tech, raw manufacturing company of 858,000 square feet, and remaining environmentally friendly is highly impressive, and one of the reasons we are honored to carry their products in our stores. While so many mattress companies are filling up landfills with returned products, we really value Tempur-Pedic’s oath to playing their part. The recent trend of online mattress shopping has led to many mattresses being delivered that are not the right fit, and ending up in landfills. Tempur-Pedic combats this by being confident that your sleep will improve, and responsibly recycling any waste.

3. Social Initiative
At Urban Mattress, one of our own core company values is to improve the quality of life for humanity wherever we can. Tempur-Pedic has taken on the same initiative since the very beginning, and has made wonderful impacts in the U.S, and worldwide. Being the world’s largest mattress factory, Tempur-Pedic has been very intentional about placement as they have expanded. Since all products are made within the United States, Tempur-Pedic employs hundreds of Americans each year. Success has not changed Tempur-Pedic quality or company values. Since the first sale of a Tempur-Pedic mattress in 1991, the formula for good sleep has only improved, and the positive effect that has been made has only increased. It is rare to find a company that is doing far more good than harm, and confidently carrying the products in our showroom is another reason we (and our customers) sleep peacefully at night.

Visit your local Urban Mattress showroom today to feel the difference of Tempur-Pedic, and learn more.