Mattress Shopping 101

Finding the perfect mattress shouldn’t require a Ph.D. in space-age materials.
But there is some high school science involved.

The Basics: feel, price, and durability


Everyone has an opinion about what makes a bed comfortable. Feel is the combination of comfort and support that feels right to you. Only you know how you sleep and what you imagine when you think of the perfect bed.


Buying a mattress is an investment in your well-being, but everyone has a budget. Know how much you can spend so that you can find a mattress in your price range that feels good, provides adequate support, and is made with quality materials.


A good mattress will provide restful sleep for 10 years or more. Investing in quality materials and good construction is the best way to ensure that your mattress has a long, healthy life. We offer a 10-year guarantee on all the products we manufacture.

what a mattress should do for you

Provide Support

It should conform to the unique shape of your body, allowing you to comfortably settle into the softer materials, but keeping your spine in a straight line while you sleep.

Relieve Pressure

It should distribute your body weight evenly to provide pressure relief in areas that can ache or be sore at the end of the day—specifically your hips and shoulders.

Respond to Motion

It should allow you to move around freely and with minimal effort. Especially important, if you sleep with a partner, you should be able to move freely without disturbing them.

Control Temperature

It should help you maintain a neutral body temperature throughout the night by regulating airflow and wicking moisture.

Mattress Anatomy

Mattress Anatomy Mattress Anatomy

Pocketed Coils

Pocketed coils are small, strong steel coils that are individually wrapped and operate independently from one another. Higher-quality beds have a higher coil count, distributing your weight more evenly and relieving your pressure points more effectively.

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Latex Foam

Latex is a dense and springy natural foam made from the sap of the rubber tree. Latex responds to the contours of your body but also offers resistance to distribute your weight evenly and relieve pressure.

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Memory Foam

Memory foam is a synthetic foam that molds to the shape of your body, promoting spinal alignment and relieving pressure points while you sleep. Memory foam has a unique, "spongy" feel.

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Natural? Organic? Sustainable?

Many of the materials used to make mattresses are found in nature. Latex foam is made from the sap of a tree, and things like cotton, wool, and bamboo are used as comfort and quilting materials. However, there is no established standard regulating and certifying “organic” in the mattress industry, which has led to some understandable confusion among consumers.


Some of the adhesives used to hold mattresses together contain chemicals like formaldehyde. Glues made from latex and other natural materials are readily available and commonly used in higher-quality mattresses. All of our mattresses use non-chemical adhesives.

Fire Barriers

Government regulations require that mattresses pass a test to ensure they are fireproof. Traditionally, a host of nasty chemicals have been used for fireproofing, and many mattresses still contain these chemicals. We only sell products that use natural fire barriers like wool and rubber.

We design and manufacture our Urban Naturals line in Denver, Colorado, which means we source the natural materials and guarantee that they are organically grown.

Your Bed + Mattress + Pillows + Sheets

A great night’s sleep starts with a mattress that is right for you. But other parts of the sleep equation are often overlooked. A pillow that fits your sleep style and is made with natural materials makes a huge difference for a relatively small investment. And sheets that keep you cool and comfortable complete the package.

It's time you had a talk with your pillow

Our pillows are made in Colorado using only the finest textiles and natural materials available. The adjustable fill in each pillow allows you to personalize your pillow for a perfect night’s sleep.


Congrats! You’ve completed Mattress 101. Now you’re ready to shop for a mattress and pillows and be on your way to a better night’s sleep.

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