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Individually Wrapped Coils and 80’s Toys

Believe it or not, coils aren’t just there to make jumping on the bed fun. The design and specifications of a coil system directly affect the comfort and support your mattress provides. A good coil system allows your spine to retain its natural curvature while you’re sleeping and reduces pressure points. If your mattress is worn out and you’re sleeping in a hole, you know all too well the anguish of sleeping with a misaligned spine. Memory foam mattresses like Tempur-Pedic are so popular because they perfectly conform to every curve of the body. This is what you want your mattress to do.

When shopping for a mattress, you’ll hear the phrase “individually wrapped coils.” This is a coil support system invented in 1901 by Vi-Spring, and provides the best combination of comfort and support that you’ll find in a spring mattress.

Each coil is encased in a fabric cylinder which allows the springs to move independently and conform to the natural curves of your body. When you’re on your side, the coils under your hips and shoulders compress more than the coils along your thighs or lumbar, allowing them to sink in. Your spine rests in its natural shape and nothing pushes back on your shoulders or hips.

The more coils in a mattress, the smaller each is, and the better they can conform to your body. Remember those Pin Art toys that would copy the shape of your hands? (Here’s a YouTube video if you need a refresher.) Imagine if it had only 100 thick pins. It would produce a pretty crude, jagged shape of your hand. Now imagine if that same area contained 1000 smaller pins. Or 10,000 really small pins. As each pin gets smaller, it has a smaller part of your hand to represent, and the entire picture gets more and more accurate. That’s how spring counts work with individually wrapped coils. The 800 coils in our queen size Lumina line are going to adapt to your body’s shape better than the 567 coils in our Stafford line. The 2000+ coils in the Vi-Spring mattress collection will provide the most exquisite combination of comfort and support you’ve ever felt. (Seriously, you should take advantage of our free naps policy and come lay on one, even if it’s out of your price range.)


Now that you’re equipped with some shopping knowledge, come in to your closest Urban Mattress and experience the spine-pleasing joy of a great coil system. Our super friendly salespeople will walk you through the differences of each bed until you find yourself some individually wrapped comfort.