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Farm to Bedroom

Our sheep friends at Black Cat Farm are a true source of inspiration for us on the subject of waking up well. They wake up in a lush pasture with the sun on their faces every morning, eating and exploring all day. Their coarse-hair wool is 100% natural, meaning it is never treated with harsh chemicals, oils, or toxins. Cleaned with only warm water and vegetable based soap, and processed with time, the wool is able to maintain the pure texture that wool is meant to have.

Eric and Jill, who look after the sheep and source the wool, make sure that the sheep are living a stress-free life and work with companies like us who buy the wool locally and keep our carbon footprint down. This is stress-free for us too, because we can sleep at night knowing we are keeping true to our social responsibility.

We are fans of wool because of the incredible sleep-benefits the material offers. It is not only one of the most luxurious products for comfort, but it is also moisture wicking to prevent sweat, responsive to body temperature for cooling and warming, resistant to bacteria and dust-mites, and naturally flame retardant so that it does not need to be treated.

We know that the purest is always the best, So we are delicate in our selection of every material and ingredient that we use in our products. By sourcing material from our neighbors, we can be sure that the quality is high and their business intentions are pure.

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