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Why Sleep Hot?

Want to know one of the top reasons our sleep cycles are interrupted throughout the night? We get too hot.

Sleeping hot goes against our nature. In the moments before we fall asleep each night, our body temperature actually drops by a few degrees to induce deep sleep. If we are getting hot during our sleep, our bodies respond by sweating to cool us down. This is not new news to anyone, we have all experienced the frustration of waking up in sweat. What is exciting news, is the new Alpine line at Urban Mattress.

The tried and true solution to cool sleep all night long. Jeopardizing our sleep is a catalyst for jeopardizing all aspects of our life. At Urban Mattress we believe in the transformative power of falling asleep and staying asleep.

We hear you! One of our core principles is to listen. Every team member here is dedicated to actually listening to the sleep problems that our customers are having, and guide them to the best fit for them.  What was confirmed over the past 30 years in the sleep world is that when we sleep hot, we don’t sleep well. So, in response to this problem, we set out to create the coolest and most comfortable mattress on the market. And we nailed it.

Designed and created in Colorado, the Alpine line embodies a sleepy mountain town. With cooling stretch knit cover that stays 4 degrees cooler than your room, heat is dissipated from the body all night long.

A layer of premium quality gel memory foam sits on top of a core the highest quality foam core, there is not a product that matches the support and advance in sleep technology.  Come visit your local Urban Mattress to try Alpine out today. We are thrilled to introduce this product to our friends and neighbors, there is truly nothing like it. 

To leisurely mornings, warm coffee, and many hours of cool , cool sleep.  

Wake up Well!