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Why Mattresses Are Kinda Like Parents

Parenting ain’t easy—common knowledge, folks.

Surely finding the perfect bed, difficult as it may be, is rather a tad easier than being a parent. But did you know that, when you do find a great mattress, there are a few fun similarities?

  • Mattresses come in firm, medium and soft, just like parents and parenting styles.
  • The right mattress supports you, your unique body and sleep needs.
  • It comforts you, too.
  • It provides a space where you feel free to dream…and come back to reality.
  • Like good parents, a good bed balances structure with comfy-cozy cuddles so you can kick back with security.
  • It’s trustworthy and reliable—you know what to expect when you come home.
  • Good parents provide a stable base from which their children can go out and explore, experiment, succeed, fail and learn. Similarly, a good mattress is a stable springboard from which you can jump. (That doesn’t mean you might not fall and hurt yourself, but the launching process can be fun!)
  • A plush mattress makes bedtime cozy.
  • It encourages you to read.
  • It helps you stay healthy.
  • Like parents must do to stay engaged in a healthy way, a quality bed helps you take care of yourself so you can then take care of others. Good sleep can be like that oxygen mask you must put on yourself first.
  • And mattresses come in lots of different styles and materials, too. So just like parents have to figure out the right parenting styles—or combinations thereof—for them and their children, each person can pick out the mattress style that best fits their individual wants and needs.

Of course, nobody gets to choose their parents as we get to choose our mattresses. And in this little comparison, we have to admit that mattresses fall short in a number of categories such as, ahem, everything that requires a living, breathing human being. Minor detail.

But the takeaway is that your bed should be, like your folks, a safe, comfortable, restful place to relax and be yourself.

Sleep Tight, Urbanites!