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Four Reasons It May be Time to Buy a New Mattress

When you rip a hole in your pants you know it is time to replace them. A rusty tool is not longer usable so you purchase a new one. What about your mattress? How do you know when it is time to buy a new mattress? Since the mattress is generally covered with pillows and blankets you may not notice the age. In fact you might not even remember when you purchased the mattress you currently have. Here are four reasons it may be time to purchase a new mattress.


If your mattress is older than 7 years it is time to purchase a new one. Look for signs of wear and tear that are visible. Older mattresses tend to be lumpy, worn and sagging indicating replacement is needed. Mattresses with these issues are not providing you the comfort and support necessary to get a good sleep.

If you have no idea when you last purchased a mattress it has probably been longer than 7 years. Therefore it is wise to start looking for a replacement.

Also consider your own age. Experts recommend that people older than 40 years should get a new mattress every 5 to 7 years. As the body ages it is more sensitive to pressure.


When you were first married it seemed like a good idea to buy a double mattress so you could snuggle with your loved one all night long. Now, three kids and a dog later, it just isn’t practical. If you regularly wake up to find a child or animal is causing you to teeter on the edge of the bed it is probably time to consider purchasing a larger mattress. Your life situation has changed and your mattress should too.

Dust Mites

If your mattress is 7 years old it may be filled with millions of dust mites. The residue from dust mites is known to trigger allergies. Do you wake up with a cough or congestion? Your sleep may even be interrupted due to your allergic response. Although vacuuming and dusting will help minimize dust mites it is best to just replace an old mattress with something new. Then implement a regular vacuuming schedule and also consider increasing airflow in your bedroom by opening doors and windows. This is an effective method of cutting down on dust mites.

Poor Sleep

If you are noticing that you are not sleeping well it is time to buy a new mattress. Waking up tired or achy indicates the mattress did not provide your body the proper support. You may also be experiencing stiffness or numbness when sleeping on a poor mattress. If you find you sleep better when you are not in your own bed then your mattress is not as comfortable as it should be. If you find you toss and turn at night a new mattress may help you achieve a restful sleep.

To learn more about purchasing a new mattress that will be right for you Contact Us. When your new mattress arrives implement these tips to keep in it good shape for the upcoming years of sleep.

  • Rotate the mattress 180 degrees every other month.
  • Don’t allow your kids to jump on the bed. It is not a trampoline.
  • Place the mattress on a bed frame that has a center support.
  • Consider purchasing new pillows to go with your new mattress. As they age they also do not continue to provide the proper amount of support to your neck and head.

With a new mattress you may immediately notice your sleep quantity and quality is improved. You may wonder why you didn’t purchase a new mattress years ago! Record the date of purchase so you can remember to buy another new mattress in 5-7 years and avoid months or years of poor sleep.