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And Now, Here’s the Rest of the Story

If you heard Paul Harvey’s voice as you read the title to this piece, then you’re in good company. To our knowledge, he didn’t report about beds or resting or anyone who was the subject of a great story using either. Unfortunately, too many people know less than nothing about resting, its benefits or how to get it. Fewer than those think that beds have little to do with the subject. Of course, we want you to know that mattresses do, indeed, have something to do with it. And now, here’s the rest of the story!

What is Rest?

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word as “a period of relaxation or cessation from vigorous or stressful activity” and “cease movement or work in order to relax, refresh the body and recover strength”. What it means in your own reality is to get off work, stop digging up the garden for planting or working on the car and take a break.

Benefits of Rest

How many times have you told a co-worker, spouse or a kid “you need some rest” when they snapped your head off? When you noticed bags under the eyes of someone close to you, of course you told them they needed rest. That’s not all a break is good for:

  • Illnesses are caused or made worse by not enough restful relaxation
  • Stress is eliminated
  • The mind is clearer and better able to understand and process information
  • The personality turns sunny instead of snappy
  • Eating habits become better, therefore further keeping illness at bay

Rest vs. Sleep

Here’s where those beds we discussed above come into the story. Many people are unaware of the many awful things their bodies contain from eating and drinking what they call “food”. These GMO and other poisons build up in the body during the day. When the body rests or sleeps at night, then these things are cleared from the systems and eliminated. The body then heals and rejuvenates itself. However, the body can’t complete its job if the stresses of the day or illness stemming from the stress block its impulses.

Why Some People Resemble the Energizer Bunny

We’ve all known them. We’ve all worked with someone who keeps on going like the Energizer Bunny, who never seems to need more than a couple hours rest or sleep. They make us want to pull their batteries out, don’t they? These people even admit they’re going on sheer guts, but what they’re actually going on is much worse. The body stores toxic chemicals and heavy metals it can’t pass until it is cleansed. These people should, by rights, be stuck like a magnet to the refrigerator with all the heavy metals their bodies contain. Emotion is also a stimulant. These folks keep going on things like anger, exhilaration, stress or fear. They certainly don’t need the sugar and caffeine they consume, but they do it all the same.

How to Get Rest

Every doctor, nurse practitioner, sleep apnea professional, herbalist and dozens of other professionals have web pages concerned with getting rest. We do mattresses stuffed with natural goodness, and we, too, have knowledge of this subject:

  • A too soft mattress is not good for support of the back and hips. This discomfort does not allow for true rest
  • Block all light including the blue spectrum from the room. Use blackout curtains if necessary
  • Eliminate noise. Using CDs with white noise is helpful for real rest
  • Atmosphere is useful in resting. Lit candles, soft music, relaxing fragrances like vanilla and lavender all contribute to a restful atmosphere
  • Warm milk and honey and chamomile tea help the body relax. They help the body facilitate rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit as well as clearing the toxins out of the body

Any Other Advice?

Absolutely. Rest is not only a physical thing; it’s mental and emotional as well. When your reality calls for rest, get outside. Sit on a blanket under a tree and feel the breeze, listen to the birds singing and feel the throb of the living Earth beneath your hands. Read a book of poetry. Go through books of pictures such as classical sculpture, paintings by the masters or how the Earth looked thousands of years ago.

Face-plant onto that firm mattress made of natural materials we were discussing above. Stretch every atom of your body beginning with your toes and ending with your nose. You’ll feel every single kink work its way out of your body for a truly restful mind-body-spirit experience.

Now that you know the rest of the story, we’ll be happy to help you with even more tips and hacks for resting and relaxation, but you’ll have to contact us when you’re ready to take a break. We’d enjoy hearing some of your tips, too.