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The Importance Of Local Business Philanthropy

Giving back to your community is an important aspect of daily life. No matter where you live, there are always organizations that can benefit from your charitable donations to make a difference for those who need it. Local homeless shelters, food banks, or health charities are just some of the many organizations that rely the generosity of others to make a difference. So why not support a store that prides itself in its local business philanthropy?

The Importance of Philanthropy

In every sense of the word, giving is a big part of our lives. Emotionally, we simply feel better when we give than when we receive. And even though you might not believe it considering the countless articles about our selfishness, Americans love to give.

For example, rates of giving in the U.S. are between two and 20 times higher than in comparable nations. The underlying reason is simple: it feels good to give and to know that you are supporting a cause bigger than yourself. Additionally, the reason giving is so popular in the U.S. is that America is a deeply religious country. In fact, religion is the number one cause supported by charitable donations. The second biggest reason that Americans give is our long history of mutual aid.

As Americans, we want to help those in need, which is made evident through the amount of money that we invest into non-profits on a yearly basis. For example, in 2014 Americans gave $358 billion to charitable organizations, and 81% of that money came from individuals.

Finally, an important part of our charitable mindset is that we know it matters less how much you give, and more that you give. No matter the amount of a donation it will make you feel better, so shopping at a store that gives back to its community will leave you feeling great about yourself and your neighborhood.

Make An Impact Locally

Even if you don’t feel comfortable giving directly to the cause of your choice, you can make an impact. Shopping at a store that supports charities and other organizations means that as a result, you are too. Everybody loves to shop, but that feeling is amplified if you know that you are giving back to your community.

When you support your local community, you will be able to actually see the impact of your gift. Compare that to giving to a larger national organization, where you may never see the effects your gift may have. But when you are supporting a local cause you know that you are helping your fellow neighbors. By supporting local causes like libraries, food banks, shelters, a mission, and other areas, you are making the difference in the lives of those directly around you.

Getting a New Mattress Means Providing Opportunity

When you shop at Urban Mattress, you are doing more than just looking for a new mattress. Because our stores donate a portion of their sales to local charities, you can feel good knowing that you are doing more than just getting a new bed. Our commitment to local charitable support shows that our focus is on more than just profits, so why shop at a business that tries to make an impact?

Often times in today’s day and age, people are only concerned about making money. However, when an entrepreneur opens an Urban Mattress store they, they are looking for more than just a quick buck or selling as many products as possible. They try to give their community a better night’s sleep, both through their sales and giving philosophy. This means that Urban Mattress isn’t just a store, it’s a place that wants to help the community all around.

Open and Honest

You will feel good buying from a  store that prides itself on straightforward and honest pricing. Additionally, it’s a great idea to ask questions when you are shopping for a new mattress. Not only will you find open and honest pricing with no hidden fees or expenses, no fake sales, and no pushy sales representatives to make you feel uncomfortable, but you’ll discover a great experience.

A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Supporting a business that is directly connected to charity does not just make you feel better. It also turns into a great partnership for the business itself. Giving not only makes you feel good, but is also beneficial for tax purposes. And just as you feel good about indirectly contributing to charity, the business owner will feel good giving back to their local community.

For example, if you choose to give to a local library, the library may list your business as a sponsor thanks to the much-needed funding. That, in turn, establishes a business like Urban Mattress as a socially conscious business, driving new customers to the store. The result is a symbiotic relationship in which both the business and the charity benefit.

Philanthropy is also crucial because it keeps employees motivated and engaged. Owners of Urban Mattress stores are able to connect with their employees on the basis of giving back. If your business has a strong core sense of values, approaching its industry with a more holistic way than simply thinking about short-term profits, its employees will be excited to work for it.

Salespeople and managers alike will know that their work goes beyond themselves and the store, but positively affects the community giving them more energy and passion for their job. The result is friendlier sales staff, a more productive work environment, and less employee turnover.

A Smart Investment

The success of any business is directly related to the health of its community. A neighborhood with active charities that help residents improve their quality of life will draw more business to the organization, so establishing charitable donations as a business philosophy is a smart investment.

Ultimately, the simple decision for a business to give back turns into a continuous cycle of improvement: the more local donations, the better the quality of life in that neighborhood will be. That, in turn, drives more business to the area, who – with donations on their own – improve the area further.

Sleeping Better

In the end, it all comes back to the core reason behind charitable donation: giving back makes you feel good. When you feel good, you experience less stress, leaving you feeling calmer and more peaceful.

As we have discussed in this space in the past, getting good sleep is especially important because it can help with your health. Meanwhile, through giving to your community, you are helping with your health spiritually. In other words, simply getting a new mattress can improve both your mental and physical health.

By shopping for a new mattress, you aren’t just getting a new comfortable and enjoyable sleeping space for yourself. You are going to be helping out your local community. Maybe, with your mattress purchase, you’ll even be helping to provide a bed for someone less fortunate in a shelter.

At Urban Mattress, we want our customers to know that they are helping out their community when they shop. When you do good, you feel good, which is true for both the customer and the business. Once you have helped out your neighborhood, you can rest easy knowing that you and a local business are working together to help make your community a better place. To learn more about all we offer, please contact your local Urban Mattress store.