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A Good Mattress: Structure and Softness

Most people know that any decent mattress needs two major things to be comfy and stand the test of time: Structure and softness.

Nobody these days wants to sleep on a hard couch like the ancient Egyptians.

And nobody wants to suffocate amid a pile of feathers, either.

The happy medium is a plush, luxurious bed that you won’t sink into. A good mattress supports the curves of your body so that there are no pressure points and you wake up refreshed, rather than stiff.

It also allows for a bit of flexibility, so that you can relax into the softness completely, letting go of all of that muscle tension caused by the stressors of the day. But you can still breathe and minor stuff like that.

We think it’s a fun metaphor for life. Because we need a bit of structure and softness to live well, too.

Think about it: Without softness, there is no love, no kindness, no vulnerability or real connection.

Without structure, there’s just loosey-goosey mush with terrible boundaries and no backbone or principles. Plus, we’d all be late for everything.

Some of us may tend toward one extreme or another, based on our personalities, life experience and responsibilities. For example, if you have a lot going on in a particular season of life, sometimes you have to build in extra structure to be sure it all gets accomplished, and you have less leeway for stopping to smell the roses and all that. And sometimes, we have to learn to be softer even if it’s scary, on the journey to becoming our best selves. But we all need a bit of both!

What does structure and softness look like for you? Drop us a line—we love to get life-hack tips from our peeps!

Sleep Tight, Urbanites.