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Sleeping on the Bed: How to Provide Relaxation for Your Pet

As we all know, our pets choose only the softest and warmest of furnishings for their leisure time at home. The odd picture box they watch on a regular basis is best viewed from a comfy couch with plenty of pillows on which to rest one’s nose. Their home offices require comfortable chairs, and the bedroom is no different. Our pets need nice chairs on which to sit while they don the most curious of fur coverings and tie their shoes. Their beds are big, wide and comfortable. That they go somewhere for most of the day is a matter of curiosity and loneliness to most of us, but when they come home they are often tense and snappish. We can’t swat them on the nose or tail for that, obviously, so we are left to find a way to foster relaxation in our pets.

How We Benefit Pets

We have all heard our pets praise us for lowering their blood pressure, whatever that is. They tell their friends and doctors that we help eliminate stress, lower their triglycerides and blood sugar. Now, all we do is follow them around in hopes of a snack or tasty treat, but if that lowers the incomprehensible things our pets suffer, then good for us! Our pets tell their doctor that sleeping on a well made mattress made of natural products is a good thing, but that sleeping with us makes the whole thing much better. Here’s why.


Those of us knowledgeable about “the pound” know what loneliness feels like. We just know that no one will ever love us again. No one will be glad to see us when they open the front door. We see other dogs and even cats (of all things) being what our pets call adopted. We wonder why the humans didn’t choose us. We are convinced no one will.

Now apply that horrible feeling to our pets. They lie on those huge beds at night and feel as lonely as we did in the “pound”. They lie awake with no one to scratch their ears or rub their bellies. We wonder how they survive without that. What if someone broke into their house? They’d have no one to protect them or to alert the neighbors with our best we-mean-business-buster! barking. Our pets need us for all the reasons we need them.


Reducing or eliminating loneliness and blood pressure levels are only two of the ways that we benefit from our pets. By lowering these things through love, kisses and patting their knees with our paws, we benefit something called their heart. We think that has to do with keeping them alive, much like what beats in our chests. When we go out for walks with our pets, the exercise makes them breathe deeper, work harder and firm up muscles. This is beneficial to the “heart” thing. Hey, if it keeps our pets able to give us treats and belly rubs, then I, for one, have no problem going for long walks.

Our pets need other humans to whom to talk and with whom to socialize. Now, it is past comprehension why our pets don’t sniff each other’s tails in order to ascertain where they’ve been. They have the curious habit of hugging each other. Maybe that has something to do with sniffing each other out. At any rate, this socialization keeps our pets from going crazy. It keeps them from being lonely, too. So the next time your pets want to take you for a long walk, then go. It will keep your pet healthy for a long time to come. You can also protect your pets by checking out their friends’ tails.

About the Bed

Our pets don’t need us fluffing up their mattresses. It might be beyond our understanding, but they like their beds the way they are. In order to help our pets relax, we need to remember:

  • No fluffing the mattress
  • No turning around five times to find a comfortable spot to sleep
  • Bathe yourself before coming to the bedroom, much like our pets do
  • If you snore, you might want to sleep on the pillow or cushion your pet bought for you. They can’t relax if you snore
  • For the love of Pete, do not sleep up against your pet. If they can’t turn over comfortably, they’ll get fussed and become what they call stressed. Give them some room

We appreciate the mattress store our pets use. They donate two percent of their sales to local charities, provide mattresses constructed of natural materials, and they don’t rush our pets or pressure them. We are completely primed to prevent them from stressing our pets. If your pets need good mattresses from good people, then contact us to find out how to get them.