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Say No to Lower Back Pain

There is nothing more frustrating than an aching back.

Back pain makes it hard to relax and get comfortable enough to sleep. If you have a bad mattress, it gets harder. And worse, the wrong mattress can make back pain unbearable.

It all begins with the mattress, my friends.

What Kind of Mattress Should I Choose for My Achy Back?

Recent studies suggest that medium-firm mattresses are the best way to significantly improve sleep quality for people suffering from chronic lower back pain, according to this article from the San Francisco Chronicle.

Under the conventional notion that firmer is better, manufacturers have tried increasing the number of coil springs in their orthopedic mattresses to deliver more support. But these extra-firm beds led to poorer sleep quality in some studies and the evidence suggests that most people with lower back pain don’t love firm mattresses.

An Oklahoma State University study found that switching to a new medium-firm innerspring mattress reduced back discomfort and caused “immediate and significant improvements in sleep quality, sleep efficiency, and stress among participants.”

So is firmer better, or not? The very scientific truth is, comfortable is best. Everyone’s bodies are different and some people prefer firmer mattress while others prefer them softer. And “medium-firm mattresses” vary in their feel, depending on factors such as type, materials and manufacturer.

The good news is that all of our mattresses at Urban Mattress are designed with comfort in mind—for lots of different kinds of bodies.

Popular, Dynamic New Designs

Nowadays, advanced air, latex and foam mattresses are all the rage.

Memory foam is hip and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. This innovative technology allows your body to remain in its natural shape, which is believed to relieve pressure on your back and other areas of your body. It conforms to your body’s movements while perfectly distributing your weight. Tempur-Pedic is the most popular brand of memory foam mattress in the land, and we sell it.

A clinical trial by the Yale School of Medicine backs up the brand’s claims of improved sleep quality, according to the Chronicle.

For those who prefer more natural materials, our Urban Naturals are a great alternative to traditional foam mattresses. Latex-based mattresses are similar to their foamy counterparts, but chronic lower back pain sufferers should try both.


As research comes in, no one has yet identified an “ideal” mattress for back pain relief—and one may not exist, because everyone is different. So, whether a firm or not-so-firm sleep experience is best is up to you to decide, once you’ve tried each for yourself.

Regardless of your personal taste in mattresses, it’s impossible to deny that the new generation of mattresses provides better support than those that are old and tired. Plus, thanks to several clinical studies, the industry has learned a few things and new mattresses seem better suited to relieve chronic back pain than ever before.

So give your back some love and come try our mattresses! We’ll do our darnedest to find the best one for you, your back and your budget, whatever size.

Sleep tight, Urbanites!