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Local Business Philanthropy: Giving Beyond Yourself

One thing you should know about us is that we pride ourselves on our local business philanthropy. Because we operate as a franchise system, we give local entrepreneurs the opportunity to help and improve their community. By providing people with the ability to get a good night’s sleep on a brand new mattress at a great price, you, the customer, do not only help yourself but your community as well.

What is Philanthropy?

Philanthropy is defined as goodwill towards the human race, and also an act or gift done for humanitarian purposes. Especially when it comes to making a gift of money, philanthropy doesn’t just look good on paper, but it makes you feel good as well.

In America, the idea of giving back is very popular. As a matter of fact, in 2014, Americans gave over $358 billion to a variety of charities and organizations. This is a huge amount of money, but people do genuinely care about others, and this goes beyond simply religious organizations. Being philanthropic is a great attribute for a person and for a business, and when you get a combination of both, it means nothing but good things for your community.

Supporting Local Business

Urban Mattress isn’t a huge box store owned by one corporate office, it’s a franchise business. It gives people or a person in your community the opportunity to grow a new business that benefits their neighborhood.

Additionally, the type of business model that we use is one where transparency and helping others is paramount. We don’t want you to simply open and run a mattress store; we want you to take the time to make your community a more comfortable and well-rested place that impacts the lives of others.

It’s our policy to have straightforward pricing and a non-pressuring staff. This means that our store will not only offer a more pleasant shopping experience, but also that we donate 2% of every sale to local charities. So when you decide to buy a new mattress, you are not only going to help yourself rest easy and comfortably; you’ll also be helping out the people around you.

Thinking about opening a store?

If you have philanthropic inclinations and want to not only impact your community in selling mattress but go beyond that, then you should consider opening an Urban Mattress store. Having been provided with a reputable name, along with the knowledge and skills that are required to run a store, you’ll be able to give it your own personal touch.

We offer mattresses comprised of natural materials, which also helps to have a more positive impact on the environment. As a result, you will be able to feel good selling our mattresses. Additionally, the ability to be up and running in as soon as six months enables you to make your community a better place sooner rather than later.

Not only will you be providing great mattress for clients to purchase and get a good night’s sleep, but you’ll also bring jobs to your local area. When you open a business with us, your help will go far beyond just selling mattress but to provide significant opportunities.

When you go shopping for something, you don’t often get the chance to make a difference in your community. But with Urban Mattress, that is possible. Because we focus specifically on not being your typical store, we are unique and strive to offer our customers the ability to rest easy, both physically and mentally. Or, if you’re looking for a business opportunity we can provide you with just that. To learn more about what we do and how we operate, please contact us.