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So over the past couple of weeks we’ve been thinking a lot about happiness and that we can have it despite our circumstances. Last week we wrote about how science shows we can learn to be happy no matter what happens or doesn’t happen to us!

A big part of that has to be due to gratitude, right? It’s the essence of appreciating what we have, of being at peace where we are…even when we’d rather be somewhere else. Seems like you can’t be happy if you’re not grateful first.

It’s a bit of a cliché but you know, it is that time of year! And so this Thanksgiving, we’re just taking this moment to say…we’re super, super grateful.

For YOU.

Recently we went through the awesome reviews from our customers on Yelp and Google. We’re amazed to look back through and remember all of the great folks who’ve walked through our doors. We’re honored by your words of support, encouragement and appreciation.

You know that, as individual franchisees, we all own and operate our own stores, locally. We got into this business because, more than any other reason, we like people. Most of us were in the nonprofit world before we came here, and we came because this business is different; it’s about something more than selling stuff.

And when you work hard at something and care so much about it and then you see people telling you they appreciate it, that it made a difference for them…well it brings tears to your eyes. (Not to be sappy or anything, heh.)

It’s like when we read those reviews we remember why we do this. Why it’s so important to us to have a different approach to selling mattresses—one that’s fun and pressure free and about people. And it reminds us that we really are part of our communities. We’re so excited to have a small part in making people’s lives a little bit better through helping them get better sleep.

So yeah—this Thanksgiving we’re so, so grateful for you. For all of you who gave our stores a try, who trusted us with your stories and listened to our advice, who took the time to write reviews, who stood around the showrooms with us and drank beer and laughed and talked about sleeping and living…


Sleep tight, Urbanites!