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15 Steps to Finding Your Perfect Mattress

Buying a mattress is a big process. And it’s probably even more important than you think, considering that you will spend one third of every day in it. As we have discussed on this blog, rest is absolutely crucial for you to be the best person you can be, and your bed will play a major role in whether or not you can get the rest you need on a daily basis.

But don’t stress yourself out buying your new snooze palace. Even though it’s a crucial decision for your life, you can find the perfect bed for your needs relatively easily – just follow the below 15 steps.

1) Know the Size You Want

First and foremost, you should think about what size of bed you want. You may have slept in a full-size bed throughout your life, and are looking for a newer version of the same size. Or perhaps, you prefer an upgrade to your size. Either way, nailing down your desire first and foremost will help you in all of the following steps.

2) Know the Size You Need

Of course, the size you want matters little if it does not fit into the space you have designated for your bed. So after determining your ideal size, take a tape measure to make sure that the bed you’re about to buy will actually fit where it needs to go. As a rule of thumb, add 3 feet to the width of your desired bed size to make sure that you can climb in and out of the bed on at least one side.

3) Determine Your Preferred Style

While you’re in the room that will be home to your new bed, look around you to determine the exact style you desire from your bed frame. You may prefer classic elegance, with a headboard full of curves, or modern chicness that includes more clean lines. The color of your frame (as well as your sheets and comforters) will also impact how it looks in your space.

4) Learn About Firmness Differences

Next, you should educate yourself about the various firmness levels you can choose for your mattress. This is not the time to make a decision; you definitely want to try out various levels of firmness once you are actually in the store. Instead, this is the perfect time to do your initial research into your options, which will range from plush softness to back-supporting, solid alternatives. Of course, memory foam is also an option.

5) Know Your Materials

Another item on which you should do initial research is what materials your mattress is made of. You may not care of, and only consider materials as they relate to comfort level. But perhaps you are more eco-conscious, in which case you should be sure to check out your options before you get into the store.

6) Research Brands

Armed with knowledge about your future bed’s style as well as the mattress firmness and materials, it’s time to begin looking at what brands may fit your needs. Unless you are already a mattress brand loyalist, you will be unlikely to narrow down your options completely – but you can focus your efforts a bit on a few brands that seem like good fits, streamlining your shopping experience.

7) Find the Store that Fits Your Needs

Next, it’s time to find the store that will carry the mattress of your dreams. Again, you may simply go by local stores that carry your preferred styles and brands. But if you want to truly feel good about the store to which you bring your business, why not consider a locally owned and operated mattress store that donates 2% of each sale to a local nonprofits? There is sure to be an Urban Mattress store near you!

8) Give it a Test Drive

Once you’ve made it to your store of choice, go straight to your mattress of choice and check it out in person. If at all avoidable, you never want to buy a mattress without first giving it a test drive. Even the best-looking mattress with the most perfect reviews, theoretically perfect for your needs, may not give you the rest you desire simply because it’s not quite right for your back and body. Laying on it enables you to find a mattress that truly fits what you’re looking for.

9) Try Several Different Mattresses

In a perfect world, the mattress you chose online is the one you want to go home with. But even in that scenario, you should always try a few other beds just to be sure. Perhaps you will find that you only liked the first one because you were predisposed to like it based on your online research. Or you had no idea what material was actually necessary to alleviate your sore back. Either way, test driving a few mattress enables you to either validate your initial choice or helps you find a mattress that better suits your needs.

10) Talk to Your Associate

While shopping around, don’t forget about the value that store associates can add to your bed buying experience. After all, they are trained to know all about the various materials, styles, and firmness levels of mattresses, and – after you explain your situation to them – can help guide you in the right direction to ensure you buy a bed that optimizes your sleeping experience.

11) Involve All that Matter

Once you buy a bed, you may not be the only one that sleeps in it. And it would be a grave mistake to buy a mattress that seems to fit your needs, only to bring it home and find that your significant other cannot get comfortable. That’s why everyone who sleeps on the bed should be involved in the buying process, or at least have one test drive in-store to ensure a good fit.

12)  Make Your Decision

All of the above steps have finally led you to a spot when you’re comfortable in making a decision. Now, it’s important to make your decision fast, and while you still remember the comfort level you felt when laying on the mattress. The old adage to “sleep on it” (no pun intended) does not hold true here – the longer you let the decision linger, the more unsure you will get. If you’ve found the mattress that will make you dream, pounce on it.

13) Buy Supplementals

Buying a mattress is undoubtedly crucial to helping you get the rest you deserve on a nightly basis. But as we described in this post, it’s not the only variable in helping you snooze peacefully into the night. Pillows, sheets, and comforters matter almost as, if not just as much as your mattress. So why not complete your experience by supplementing your mattress purchase with the perfect accessories to help you sleep?

14) Get it Home

One final decision before you enjoy your new purchase is to choose just how you want your mattress to get to your home. You may have pre-arranged delivery options or can utilize your own car, but it’s always good to know whether your mattress store delivers as well.

15) Enjoy Your Rest!

Now, it’s finally time. After all of your hard work picking out the bed of your dreams, you spend your first night in the new palace and finally get to enjoy the spoils of a good night’s rest. Sleep well – you deserve it!

That final step is one we all want to reach. Few feelings are better than waking up well-rested after a good night’s sleep, ready to take on the day. To help you achieve that truly enviable stage, contact your local Urban Mattress store to find your dream mattress today.