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The Art of Lounging

Even when you love where you work as much as we do, the days we take off to rest are sacred. We often speak of the importance of getting good rest at night, but one thing we also believe in is the importance of taking a couple of days to rest throughout the week. We think that practicing self-restoration is one of the most influential ways to stay mentally, physically, and emotionally grounded. In order to maintain healthy relationships in our homes, workplaces, and communities, we must prioritize a healthy relationship with ourselves.

We want to make a case for lounging. To erase the reputation it may still have and declare that lounging is an art that should be practiced. In order to encourage our communities to wake up well and get the rest we all need to live vibrantly, we have developed a recipe for a lounge day. Add these ingredients to your next day off and invite yourself to lounge lavishly.

You deserve it!

1. Set The Mood
The quality of the way you wake up will determine the quality of your day. In preparation for a day of rest, take a few extra steps at night to make sure you are all set. Cleaning your space, wearing soft pajamas, and silencing your phone are a few ways to set the mood for the morning.

2. Wake up slowly
In a perfect world, mornings would be spent waking up slowly on a dreamy bed, on soft sheets, to a quiet home. So, in order to make our small worlds feel more perfect, we suggest making that a reality on the days we can. On days that you have a little bit of time in the mornings to spare, let yourself wake up naturally instead of to an alarm. Your body has an internal clock and allowing yourself to catch up on all the rest you need is a wonderful way to regenerate your health.

3. Then Stay in Bed Even Longer
We love a good bedroom. We spend most of our days encouraging our neighbors to create a bedroom space that they love – so we are a little bias. But it’s only because we recognize the importance of the space, and you should too! A bedroom is a place of luxury, intimacy, healing, and rest, and if you have crafted a space to reflect that, starting the day spending time there is a sure way to get up on the right side. We suggest bringing coffee, tea, and breakfast back to bed with you, and continuing to rest for a while.

4. Treat Yourself
This one doesn’t have to be major. But it is important. We know that sometimes our off days turn into on days – just filled with stuff we didn’t have time for in the week. If you have to squeeze in an oil change and conference call – such is life, but prioritize doing one thing that feels good to you. Have lunch at your local favorite spot, get a massage, take a long bath, or see a movie. Whatever it may be, doing something that feels like you are spending time and even a little money on yourself is a good way to practice self-love and self-care.

Of course, a day of lounging and self-pamper will never be as refreshing and beneficial as possible if your mattress is in need of replacement. And good sleep truly is the most luxurious way to treat yourself and enhance your life.
If your mattress isn’t providing support, relieving pressure, controlling temperature, and responding to motion, it is time for a new one.  Visit your local Urban Mattress showroom to talk to a sleep expert and find a bed that you are in love with. You deserve it!

Cheers, may we grab our puppies and kiddos and lounge all day at least once a week. Wake up well!